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Oil Field Pumper

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  • 4
  • Approximate Salary: USD Undisclosed
  • Location : Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Country : United States
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  • Specialization : Engineering >> Oil and Gas
  • Position Type : Full-Time
  • Experience Level : 2 Years
  • Education Level : High School or Equivalent
  • Advertised : 10-04-2017
  • Closing Date : 10-04-2018
  • Job ID : 43
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Oil Field Pumper

Job Summary:

Under indirect supervision operates oil well pumps and associated equipment; adjusts, lubricates and makes minor repairs to equipment; computes and records daily oil production; field tests oil and performs other duties as listed below.



Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Operates power pumps and auxiliary equipment to produce artificial flow of oil and gas from wells in the oil field; opens and closes valves to regulate flow of oil to storage tanks or pipelines.
  • Performs pumper field tests regularly, such as: specific gravity, water-oil emulsion, sediment and viscosity of oil.
  • Reads meters and makes daily production reports of the amount and quality of oil pumped.
  • Adjusts, lubricates and makes minor repairs to the equipment.
  • Fires and regulates heater to raise oil to desired temperature for treating; treats oil with chemical or electrical unit to reduce content of sediment, water and impurities with limits of specification and attains a marketable product.
  • Maintains and operates water and oil pumps of treating unit; cleans and repairs unit.
  • Manipulates valves to increase or decrease temperatures or pressures; regulate flow, temperature and speed of pumps which control necessary pressure in water disposal lines; pumps salt water and sulfur water from disposal ponds into disposal pipelines and disposal wells.
  • May gauge tanks with a calibrated rod or tape to determine quantity of contents; may draw a sample of oil for laboratory analysis from tanks or pipeline.
  • Notifies refinery gauger when the tanks are full and ready for shipment.
  • Prepares stone or concrete foundations for pumping units.
  • Assists outside contract crews, as assigned.
  • Maintains regular schedule of checking individual wells for any problem or malfunction.
  • When necessary, operates pressure and water plants, vacuum pumps, compressors, water pick-up pumps, or water treating plants in water floods for secondary oil recovery.
  • Keeps supply of corrosion treating and emulsion breaking chemicals available for use.
  • Performs other similar or less skilled work.
  • Maintains a high standard of good housekeeping during and upon completion of work; and continuously observes the Utility's safety rules and practices.
  • Assist Cable Tool/Pulling Unit Driller and Cable Tool/Pulling Unit Helper in performing service work on oil wells, observation wells and water injection wells.



  • Graduation from high school or applicable equivalent in either job training or study, preferably supplemented by courses in practical mechanics and mechanical maintenance, or the fundamentals of electricity and the maintenance of electrical equipment.
  • Normally two years or more of experience in general mechanical repair.
  • Must be able to understand and perform simple routine prescribed field tests.
  • Must know the effective, safe use and care of tools, equipment and materials common to the work, be alert in observing hazards and avoiding accidents.
  • Must have a working knowledge of the layout, construction, operation and function of equipment and piping involved in the work.
  • Must have a sound working knowledge of the Utility's maintenance and repair procedures and practices.
  • Must be accurate and conscientious in obtaining and recording data.
  • Must understand the care and use of mechanic's hand tools, pneumatic tools, simple tackle, rigging and other devices used in the work.
  • Must be familiar with the Utility's safety policies and practices applicable to the work.
  • Must be able to maintain harmony with fellow workers and follow the Utility?s Standard Procedures.
  • Must have a CDL Learner?s Permit or the appropriate CDL prior to bidding the job.  The appropriate CDL, Class A with endorsement X, must be obtained within 30 days after being awarded the job and prior to starting work at Greene County.


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AFSME Bargaining, Non-Bargaining and external applicants will only be considered if there are no qualified bidders from the IBEW Bargaining Division. 

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